Camilla is a mattress developed to offer the highest quality sleep, through the bond between innovation and design.

The core, characterized by new Sensitive Pocket Spring System supports the body in an ergonomic and natural way, adjusting itself to its movements caused by body weight and enhances the mattresses life.

The outside anti-lowering structure, Box System, avoids structural sinking caused by the body and improves the mattress’s life.

The Pillow Top, on the winter side, is made with Memory Foam, soft material with an embracing effect, thermo-sensitive to the body’s heat and able to give a high level of adaptability and comfort.

The Open Cell Foam, non-allergenic, on the summer side, gives a feeling of relaxation and wellness, improving comfort and airflow.

The Silver Lurex Fabric Cover, created from the union of textile fiber and a layer of pure silver and characterized by power radiation and reflection, regulates body temperature by retaining and releasing the heat generated by the body during rest.

Antimicrobial, anti-odor and antistatic, Silver Lurex ensures a comfortable and secure sleep.



SENSITIVE POCKET SPRING SYSTEM multi-zoned intelligence for a comfort suitable for all

BOX SYSTEM (ENCASED FOAM) to avoid structural compression


SIDE 1: PILLOW TOP is made of MEMORY FOAM for a luxurious, cloud like sleeping experience

SIDE 2: OPEN CELL FOAM with a triple action effect: soft, breathable and hypoallergenic.


SILVER LUREX FABRIC thermoregulator, antimicrobial, anti-odor, antistatic.

3D BREATHABLE SYSTEM the inner space (3D) promotes lateral discharge of air reducing the accumulation of moisture and the proliferation of mites.

USA H.12 inches approx / EU H. 25 cm ca

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