•Ecological Line•

In a world in which culture is increasingly perceived by philosophic ecologist, we could not certainly miss out on the opportunity to enter new borders that will allow us to create a product that will be essential to the needs and well being of man and the environment.

We work closely to create an ecological mattress that is a natural fit for the environment. The constant search for a harmonious relationship between man and nature is the key element behind Buoninfante Corporation’s philosophy, whose values are:

• Reduction of energy consumption in all of the production stages

• Very attentive to separating waste properly in order for it to be recycled

• Use of recyclable materials

• Use of paper, FCS

• Vacuum pack and roll all models – including our pocket springs to reduce environmental pollution by reducing transportation. In fact, reducing space to 90%, means not only reduce transportation fees, but also minimize pollution and traffic.

According to these values, our Ecological line is made up of natural material and minerals within the padding and fabrics.

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