•High Tech Line•

The ability to understand the needs of each market and at same time offer of a wide range of products, is our daily mission. Our R&D Department is always looking for new ideas, products and developments .

The company has distinguished itself over the years for its capability to anticipate customer needs, as well as, providing them with cutting-edge solutions .

The High-Tech line was born with this spirit, a concentrate of creativity and technology, a mix of colors and innovative materials.

The frenetic pace of life, the constant exposure to electromagnetic and electrostatic radiation, the instability of the climate and many other reasons, disturb sleep of millions of people without them noticing.

Thermoregulation, antistatic properties, breathability are fundamental concepts when it comes to beneficial rest and the High-Tech line strengthens and enhances the ability of Buoninfante mattresses to give concrete answers to these problems.