Our Philosophy


Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality guaranteeing a better quality sleep


Wellness Sleep

Sleep has the primary function of psychological and physical regenerating our body both, therefore we feel it is essential to produce a product that will benefit and protect the wellness and health of our customers.


100% Made in Italy

All Buoninfante mattresses distinguish themselves with their high quality of raw materials, strictly controlled manufacturing process, quality design and product lifespan. We assure our customers a restful sleep by creating mattresses with uniques specifications such as vegetable foams and technological fabrics.From the structure of the mattress to the assembly of the covering, it is all made in Italy.

Respect for Environment

In respect to our company’s environmental protection policy (EPP), we pay great attention to the environment in our activities. Buoninfante takes into consideration the environment during the entire production phase to help reduce any impact on the environment. Furthermore, we vacuum pack and roll our mattresses to reduce the amount of space they use during the transportation phase up to seven times, and reducing travel pollution. 

Our marketing materials are only printed on 100% recyclable paper.


Reliability and Safety

The entire line of Buoninfante mattresses are made respecting the highest international safety standards for both our customers and our production team. All of our products are produced following the California test authentication, to protect against the products inflammability.
(In countries where this certification is required).

California Test – Proof document _ NO 429.0AE0020/13