Independent Pocket Springs


The Independent Springs represent the most advanced technology for those who want a special mattress able to adjust to several body types and weights, and providing further reability.


A new distinctive characteristic, the new spring system called Sensitive Pocket Springs System has been recognized for its new structure overcoming the traditional differentiated zone by using innovative materials and technology.The new Revolutionary structure has been designed to distribute evenly the springs with different elasticity throughout the entire mattress. The springs are placed according to the different purpose it serves such as elasticity and resistance to work together throughout the mattress to ensure comfort and support for any body weight.They are not organized in specific and predetermined sections compared to the structure found in differentiated zones.

It ensures personalized comfort and better blood circulation, and a very healthy sleep.






Our partnerships with leading manufacturers in the market, allow us to create varied and innovative products.


We use only High Quality Foams, which are odorless and safe for the health of our clients, as well as natural, such as foams that are processed using vegetable oils.
The levels of healthiness and hygiene are accentuated through the 3D Breathable System, 3D-Plus Breathable Band or Multi-Fresh System.
The first one facilitates air to pass through the mattress preventing accumulation of moisture, the new 3D-PLUS Band promotes air passage through the pillow top.The third one, allows the mattress to breath through multiple aeration pores and is present along the entire perimeter of the mattress, it promotes continuous recycling of air, protecting the mattress from the formation of mites, proliferation and moisture in the environment.