Why Buoninfante

Customer Satisfaction

Service Quality

Gruppo Buoninfante is a versatile and automated production plant, continuously investing in the latest research to improve our company’s production, answer the markets needs by being able to offer a wide range of products.

Our expert professionals specialize in all service levels, ensuring quality and efficient services to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Marketing, Research and Development

Our dynamic and professional marketing teams goal is to continuously strive, to research and provide our clients with the best solutions, answer their needs and try to anticipate them.

Speed and Logistics Reliability

Thanks to our highly advanced computerized establishment, we are able to produce 3,000 mattresses daily, which allows us to guarantee our clients with fast and reliable production and delivery.


Packaging and Transportation System

Gruppo Buoninfante pays close attention to the products’ packaging and transportation.

In these phases, we vacuum pack and roll the mattresses to ensure hygiene, safety and quality of the mattress during delivery.

The advantages are:

  • The best conditions for hygiene.
  • Integrity of the final product, without damages during the loading, transportation, unloading and movement phases.
  • Simplicity in movement and storage by the distributor.
  • Simplicity in purchasing by the customer. A rolled mattress can be easily transported by car,  stairs, elevators and fit through doors.
  • Save on Transportation Fees – we are able to ship hundreds of mattresses in every shipment.

We sterilize and disinfect our containers before loading our mattresses for pest control.