X-Bio Artic – Refresh Your Rest!

We present to you X-Bio Artic, a technologically advanced mattress created by Gruppo Buoninfante to promote better sleep, restore vital energy and refresh your rest!


The X-Bio Artic fabric  contains a special refrigerant agent in its fibers, projected to improve the freshness of your rest.

Sweating is a  natural mechanism able to reduce body temperature when it exceeds physiological levels. Sweat activates the refrigerant agent present in the yarn triggering a chimical reaction: the special fibers turns into small bags of ice. The solidification and expansion of the fibers releases coolness that refreshes the skin and helps reduce sweating and body temperature. The cooling effect lasts until sweating and body temperature return back to the ideal levels for a good rest.



X-Bio’s Artic multi-layered design is projected to provide optimal levels of ergonomic support, comfort and freshness:

  • Memory Foam, on the upper layer, responds to body heat and is able to comform to each sleeper. This reduces tossing and turning, promoting deep sleep stages required to wake up refreshed in body and mind
  • A layer of High Density Foam, ultra-resistent foam, offers excellent body weight distribution
  • The pocket springs with Intelligent Multi-zone System adapt to every type of body and avoid incorrect positions of the spine, ensuring perfect ergonomics. The springs are protected by the Box System, which improve the durability.
  • Support Foam, on the base, sustains the entire mattress


The combination of the ARTIC yarn cooling effect and the POWER CHANNEL action generate a double action which on the one hand cools the body, while on the other it reduces the body’s thermal energy needed for thermoregulation, for a fresher and regenerating rest.The AIRMESH and COOLMAX, with which the fibers are combined synergistically, let air and moisture seep through; a further guarantee for a good night’s sleep 


The Multi-Fresh System consist of micro-pores on the sides of the mattress and on the sides of Pillow Top, improving the passage of air. Extra breathability is ensured.


By stabilizing the temperature, the body does not need to sweat, saving energy. For this reason, X-BIO is the ideal mattress for those engaged in highly expensive activities, on a physical or mental level, and always needs to be full of energy. Such is the case of the football players of S.S.Lazio, one of the most prestigious team in Italy, who sleep on X-BIO mattresses in their sport center of Formello (Rome).