Improvement, progress and new opportunities. These are the relevant topics at the center of the visit to our Company by Elizabeth Paula Napeyok, Ugandan ambassador in Italy.

The ambassador visited Buoninfante during a series of meetings with the industrial and manufacturing excellences of our territory. The goal is the research of development opportunities for Uganda, a country with a strong need for qualified manufacturing and new ideas, skills, and technologies.

A constructive intent shared also by our Company, already active in about 20 markets around the world, which looks at Africa as a continent rich in resources and potential. In fact, Buoninfante has already invested in the Mediterranean area (Morocco, Libya, and Tunisia) and is open to new collaborations.

During the visit, the Ambassador and her staff visited the Buoninfante mattresses’ large production area. Afterward, Vincenzo Buoninfante, CEO of Buoninfante Mattresses, had a fruitful meeting with the Uganda delegation.

The experience fascinated Napeyok, an expert diplomat who has held representative positions all over the world (France, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.), who stressed the importance of building connections and authentic bridges between cultures to consent a common growth.

For our Company, the meeting is part of a precise expansion strategy, a journey that includes Africa and other emerging areas in the world (South-East Asia, South America, etc.) for the establishment of new business relations.

A vocation for internationalization and improvement that today is the only way to compete in a global market.