The X-BIO line, an innovative project by Buoninfante, has obtained the patent concession in Japan.

X-BIO is a unique line of mattresses that promotes a new concept of rest. Realized with new materials and technical solutions, it allows a rapid and efficient energy recovery.

 Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the world, characterized by a continuous push towards innovation. The granting of the X-BIO patent in Japan is therefore a prestigious recognition for the entire Company and certifies the quality of the work of the Research & Development area.

 «Innovation has always distinguished Buoninfante: new products, new technical solutions, efficient work organization, and optimized industrial processes. And a targeted approach to the market both in strategy and communication. Innovation animates every phase of our work – says Vincenzo Buoninfante, CEO of Gruppo Industriale BuoninfanteThat’s why the granting of the X-BIO patent by a country as attentive to innovation as Japan is a source of great pride for us».

 A recognition that confirms the unicity of the X-BIO project.

 «X-BIO is a unique mattress on the market, a product without equal in the industry that has already helped many people to sleep better. A consensus demonstrated by the many positive reviewst and success of X-BIO e-commerce in the Italian market and sales areas around the world. The granting of the patent in Japan is further confirmation of the innovative nature of the X-BIO project and Buoninfante» concludes Gianluca di GiovanniMarketing and Development Director.